The Berkley Private Equity Group invests selectively in non real estate operating companies managed by seasoned and best in class operators.


The Group has experience investing in automotive dealerships, private banks, manufacturing facilities, litigation financing, and quick service food franchises. Berkley is able to provide capital and management solutions in capital deprived scenarios or in situations where family run organizations are looking for liquidity or divestment opportunities.


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Windsor Capital

Berkley’s affiliate Windsor Capital has invested extensively in automotive dealerships, private banks, manufacturing facilities and quick service food franchises in New York, Florida, Illinois, West Virginia and Mexico.

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CaseMark Financial

Berkley’s affiliate CaseMark Financial is engaged in a variety of litigation finance activities and is a leader in the Canadian market. Core activities focus on the funding of civil litigation claims for individual plaintiffs, law firms, treatment and legal service providers.

Public Market Investments

The Berkley Group invests extensively in the Canadian and US public equity markets with a focus on publicly traded financial institutions and real estate companies (including REITs and REOCs). Investments are strategic and include activist investor strategies where appropriate.

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